Legion Photo offers intense hands on workshops for a variety of skill sets and capabilities to our military counterparts.


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It’s crystal clear our industry of visual communication has been shifting in an exciting direction. From the addition of video capabilities in still cameras to the ever growing advancement of computer technology, lens, megapixels and more. Many schools (military and civilian) are falling behind in their ability to keep up with these growing trends. Young Sailors and Soldiers today are given techniques and skills of only the most basic concepts across months of instruction. Once checked in, the training stops and the operating begins. From basic knowledge of exposure to the ability to light a scene, the junior communicator is sometimes forced to ‘wing it’ until they find enough time to catch up or just find a way out of the situation entirely.  Add into the mix the military responsibilities and quickly we have troops that provide basic photography at best. Don’t know if this applies to your crew? Here is a simple test: Grab a camera body and ask your service members to identify every button on it. A basic skill like this is many times lost in the shuffle of daily military life. “I was told to just put it on P, point and shoot,” was one comment from a young sailor fresh out of Photo “A” school. This is a problem and we are a solution. There are two ways to create a habit in one’s life. First is the use of repetition, and second is the use of an emotional value. Our team of former military photojournalists have applied these basic principles to their lives for many years. This is what made them the top photographers in the military and successes as civilians. They have a passion that can only be attributed to the implementation of simple techniques at an early age in the military. The same techniques given them from their military mentors are now offered in our workshops.





The most intensive and comprehensive media workshop available that is specifically created for the military media maker


All senior mentors are former military photojournalists with years of real-world experience.


Lesson plans built to meet all skill levels (no matter what the pay grade)


Adjustable fee scale to match your command’s needs and limits.


The only proof of our military’s history is the quality imagery taken by our service men and women now!


More than ever there is the need for quality story-telling imagery of the military throughout the world. Also more than ever are the amounts of masterful photography workshops. Many are teaching similar principles and styles in visual communication, but one thing different is their understanding of the military specific needs, challenges, manning levels and budget constraints. What makes our workshop series unique is it’s ability to bring the class to you, your shop and your own backyard to use your equipment and environment as the training material. Here are a list of current workshops.