We are a 100% owned and operated by U.S. military veterans and a registered Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Registered GSA provider. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality in specialized imagery via seasoned veteran media professionals from a wide variety of military backgrounds.

We strongly believe in providing a service with integrity and professionalism while upholding our fundamental core values of commitment to the end client's needs.

Our team is qualified in virtually any situation necessary and have the means of being able to accomplish any mission a client might need from deep sea to high altitude. We are qualified to meet 99% of our client's visual needs. The other 1% would require us to be in space... We're working on that.
Our Mission is to:
Maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism without compromise.

• To be the industry leader in creating and providing the finest visual media (with a military flavor) for editorial and news media clients from print, motion and audio outlets.

• To be the most sought after company by both government and private sector
companies for all of their tactical and technically proficient needs.
Some of our Past and Current clients include
Legion Photo is a collaborative photo agency of the top military vet photographers of this generation. Providing professional photography services for multiple global outlets in safety and security industries in the government and private sector.
The assignment... simple. The objective... illusive. The cost... immeasurable. We are the men and women who went through great risks to get the shot. These extraordinary photographers and videographers trained with the best, operated in the worst and got noticed the least. Our mission was to be there when history happened...
Our personal missions may have changed, but we still speak the same language; just with a different accent. Now we are here for you and your needs. Operating in a commercial capacity, we may not be wearing fatigues or having a weapon at our side, but we still can operate under the most stressful of conditions with the best of professionalism and creativity.
Contact our agent to check the schedule and location of our photographers and discuss more about how we can help your mission.
Aside from the expert talent and creativity in photo, video and multimedia, some of our other capabilities include security clearances, subject matter experts (we are available as advisors/consultants as well), current on qualifications (Flight quals, Flight Deck, Field Ops, Weapons, Survival) and more.